Jim & Sandra Goodick
260 Upper Water Street
PO Box 225
Shelburne, Nova Scotia Canada B0T 1W0

MacKenzie's - 902-875-2842
Wildwood Motel - 902-875-2964



About The Owners

Captain James Goodick was born in Sandy Point, near the seaport town of Shelburne, into a family that has been working the seas since the turn of the century.

    After saving money he'd earned at his uncle's gas station in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, Jim returned to Shelburne and purchased his first fishing boat, the 'Rusty', at age 16.. Today, Jim's sons, Jaimie and Joe, carry on the Goodick family fishing tradition. Jim likes to say that he used to catch fish, but now he catches people.

      A natural hostess, Sandra Goodick’s roots are in Western Newfoundland. While raising her two children, David and Amy, both currently residing in Halifax, Sandra demonstrated her acumen in various positions. She was the manager of a famers’ cooperative and a well known seamstress in her hometown of Codroy Valley where she was a sewing instructor for many years.

    In 2004, Jim & Sandra purchased MacKenzie’s Motel & Cottages, now MacKenzie’s Motel, Cottages & Suites. Over the years, three 2 bedroom cottages were added to the property as well as two luxury suites, located inside the historic MacKenzie home. In 2011, they expanded their business and purchased the Wildwood Motel, with 20 units, located just down the street from the MacKenzie property. Over the years, the Goodicks have made and continue to make many wonderful upgrades and renovations to the properties.

    Together, Jim & Sandra make a great team. With Jim’s genial personality and ability to tell stories that enthrall and entertain an audience, and Sandra’s natural friendliness and warmth, all guests of MacKenzie’s & Wildwood are sure to experience the best in hospitality.








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